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ELearning authoring software that enables you to quickly create interactive Flash-based e-Learning courses in PowerPoint
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4 July 2012

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PowerPoint presentation makes a very deep impact on its viewers unlike any oral presentation you give. But PowerPoint has its own limitation and needs a huge amount of efforts if you want to create a stunning animation. To make your life easier and aid you to enhance your capability to make flash based animation, we offer you the latest iSpring Suite 6.1 that can be the solution you aspire for. iSpring Suite is an exclusively designed eLearning authoring software which can assist in creating useful Flash-based eLearning courses. This magnificent utility embeds in it iSpring QuizMaker, iSpring Pro and iSpring Kinetics that are incorporated together for working suitably with PowerPoint. The Suite gets downloaded from the internet and installed without any problem in your PC.

The iSpring Suite is developed using AccuPoint technology which offers a completely enriched platform and flexibility for usage of PowerPoint plus keeps visual effects exactly in Flash format. This tool allows you to focus more on the quality of e-learning content. It is based on an environment familiar to MS PowerPoint and makes the entire working easy and effective. The iSpring Pro enables in creating PowerPoint based courses which are synchronized with audio as well as video narration plus enables content protection and customization of players. The iSpring QuizMaker lets you add 11 quizzes of grad type and 12 types of survey question types giving you a fine dais to exhibit e-learning courses. For generating eye catching Flash interactions presentation iSpring Kinetics that comes with it makes it extremely handy.

So if you are still thinking of generating a high quality e-learning flash component, iSpring Suite is just the thing doctor ordered for you. Available at a decent price you won’t be able to deny this tool that offers so many versatile offering that can easily improve your productivity. We give this tool a score of 3.5 on a scale of 5 for the sheer flexibility it offers.

Publisher's description

iSpring Suite is an eLearning authoring software. It puts together professional products for creating effective Flash-based eLearning courses. iSpring Suite is a combination of iSpring Pro, iSpring QuizMaker and iSpring Kinetics, all tightly integrated to work effectively within PowerPoint.
iSpring Pro makes it possible to easily create PowerPoint-based courses with synchronized audio and video narrations, content protection and customizable players.
Adding graded quizzes of 11 question types and surveys of 12 question types to an e-learning course is amazingly handy with iSpring QuizMaker.
Brand-new iSpring Kinetics is an easy-to-use tool for creating attention-grabbing Flash interactions for your e-learning courses and online presentation.
iSpring conversion is based on AccuPoint technology that gives you maximum power and flexibility of using PowerPoint, keeping its visual effects accurately in Flash format. With iSpring you have more time to focus on the quality of the e-learning content. Based on the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint environment, iSpring authoring tools make the creation of sophisticated engaging e-Learning courses easy. Thus, iSpring gives you the facility to enrich existing PowerPoint presentations and author new e-learning courses quickly.
Furthermore, iSpring Suite provides an outstanding price/quality ratio appearing to be even more affordable than its component products purchased separately. iSpring Suite is the optimal solution for increasing productivity and reducing the cost and development cycle of your e-Learning content.
Handy yet advanced, iSpring Suite meets the requirements of both professionals and those who are new to e-Learning authoring.
iSpring Suite
iSpring Suite
Version 6.1
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